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Cosplay contact lenses are colored decorative contact lenses which are pretty commonly used in social media platforms like the Instagram Facebook, Snapchat by performers. These contact lenses would change the color, the appearance of your pupil and iris, making you look like an alien, vampire or a humanoid from other parts of the universe. These lenses have to purchase from authentic eye care professional and have to suit eyes properly, in order to be safe and doesn’t harm your eyes or your eyesight. Once you have bought them from a professional eye care store, it is completely safe to use them, as they are based on your prescription for contact lenses.  When it comes to eyes, you need to be extra careful rather sorry and so follow the medical prescription to purchase colored contact lenses that match your eyesight.

To wear these lenses on a daily basis, you need to follow certain routines with your contact lenses to make them usable every day, thus you protect your eyes, by caring for the lenses you wear. Make sure you have your lenses disinfected each and every time you want to wear them, as per the instruction in your contact lens prescription. Also do not wet your contact lenses with any other water other than the lens solution, so make sure you don’t have your lenses while swimming or showering. The lens solution used to sterilize the contact lenses have to be sterile and kept in a cool place, the lens case should also be clean, as they hold lenses when you sleep and when you are not using them.

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If you purchase, cosplay contact lenses with a medical prescription, then you are more prone to injure your eyes and could result in corneal abrasions, ulcer in your cornea, and infection in your eyes as the lenses your purchases could be of the wrong size and might block oxygen to the surface of the eyes. It can even cause serious damages like cataracts, glaucoma and vision loss which are irreversible and result in a permanent injury in the eyes. There are high chances for eye injury and damage if you wear contact lenses when your sleep, as these less are less breathable and requires lubrication every now and then. Your lenses can dry out, when you sleep with them, resulting in eye dryness which could cause detrimental effects to your eyes, over a long run as it keeps drying out your eye surface.

Also to prevent any germ build up on your contact lenses, you must never ever share your contacts with others, or borrow other person’s used contact lenses and use them. If you do so, then there is a very high chance of eye infection. This is especially for a starter, who use contact lenses for the first time, never ever place your contact lenses on normal water other than your contact lens solution, as normal water can contain bacteria and could grow on your contact lens as well. Lenses also have expiry dates, so make sure you check your contact lens prescription for their expiry dates, and please purchase contact lenses of high quality, and you have great care over these lenses, as it is important for your eyes.

Purchase new lens cases, every month, to keep your coloured contact lenses clean, make sure you take them off when you are near pool or moist places. Remove contact lenses if you feel any discomfort, and it is always about comfort and not style. So take the contact lenses off when you feel any discomfort and give your eyes a break.

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