Printing: The Overlooked Marketing Strategy in 2020


Every day, businesses and business owners are trying to find exploits and new strategies to market their businesses and get more leads. But a very overlooked and traditional way of advertising that is still very effective to this day is printing. 

From the Stone Age to our modern era, people have never stopped printing. Granted, in the 21st century, digital printing has made the art form a lot more accessible and familiar. That’s where the idea of printing on posters and clothes became considered one of the most essential tools in the world of marketing. 

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Printing is one of the arts that are widely used all over the world, either for recreational means, professional documents and books, or commercial posters, books, and shirts. 

Every day, people are using printed posters and clothes to promote and advertise what they have. Printings clothes and posters have contributed to the effectiveness of marketing to the greatest extent. This is because printed posters and clothes comprise of vibrant colours and exciting pictures.

So, if you are a marketer and seeking a practical and stylish marketing tool, consider printing on posters and shirts. 


woman flipping through magazine

 In the modern world, a poster can be many things: 

  • A page from a magazine
  • An ad you see on the side of a bus
  • A promo for a concert or movie you hang on your dorm room
  • A warning or note at the doctor’s office telling you to wash your hands
  • A plea to vote or not vote for a particular political candidate
  • etc.


In its purest form, a poster temporary advertises a concept, product, or event for mass consumption.

High quality printed posters are designed by trained graphic designers and printed using special waterproof paints on high quality papers. If you are interested in getting the whole package all in one, look for commercial printing companies.


Most people buy T-shirts of products or brands they like without being aware that they are basically walking posters advertising whatever their wearing. 

Although most printed cloth refers to clothing, it can also refer to any printed piece of fabric such as banners.

Just like posters, printed cloth can also have texts and graphics of vivid colours.


  • Printed posters are relatively cost-effective and cheaper than printed clothes. This is because printed cloth needs good quality fabric. 
  • Posters are intended to be placed statically at set places, while shirts can be worn by anybody, anywhere, anytime.
  • Posters are rarely seen again after the event or moment has passed. However, people still wear old T-shirts way after their expiry date
  • If nobody is interested in your product, nobody will buy your T-shirt, thus, rendering your marketing campaign void. However, posters can be placed anywhere you have a licence to and will be seen by passerby’s to gain their interest.


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