coloured contacts are the new streetwear

Coloured Contacts Are The New Streetwear

There are so many colours of cosmetic contact lenses, have you been picky? The colour of each kind of cosmetic contact lens not only has a great effect on the eyes but can even affect your facial complexion.

The range of changes is very wide, not only the clothing is changing, the hairstyle is changing, the makeup and every small detail about your look.

Styling your outfit and looking like perfect streetwear is most trendy these days, just a few changes with your clothing and your eye colour can make your look trendy.

The Rockstar Streetwear Look

Among the relatively bright colours, purple is the one that makes your skin colour look fair and natural. Just bringing up those leather jackets and boots and having this purple shade in your eyes can change the entire look of yours, giving you a perfect rockstar look.

That’s right; don’t think that purple is only an exaggerated effect. When you wear it, the purple lens and the black-brown eyeballs will become very fusion, and the purple will not be particularly conspicuous. At the same time, it will make your eyes more transparent, which is why the purple colour contact lenses will make the complexion fairer! If you are still worried about choosing the colour of cosmetic contact lenses, you might as well try purple cosmetic contact lenses this time.

The Summer Street-Wear Look

Brightly coloured cosmetic contact lenses are more suitable for beauties with a flamboyant personality and are perfect to go with summer floral clothing. Therefore, beauties with trendy and exaggerated dresses are most suitable for such colour lenses! Complete a summer beach babe look with blue contact lenses with depth like the ocean.

blue contacts

Mixed Race Street-wear Look With The Grey Colour Lens

No wonder it is said that grey contact lenses are the most mixed-race colour film colour.

There are two kinds of eye makeup suitable for grey colour films, one is a bit confused and appealing, the other is strong and deep; both contain grey colour films, as long as the eye makeup is different, it will show a completely different feeling.

If you choose a green-grey colour film, you must try mixed eye makeup~ Use matte brown as the eyelid base, reddish-brown to increase the colour of the eye folds, and then use dark brown at the end of the eyes to increase the depth of the eyes. Finally, add pearly light brown contacts to your eye for increased brightness. The low-key deep feeling is matched with the grey-toned cosmetic contact lenses, and the hybrid feeling is up!

The 90s Street-wear Look

Among the most obvious colour contact lenses at present, the brown colour contact lenses are the ones that make your skin colour look beautiful. Brown brings transparency to the eyes, so your skin tone will look like this too! Making you look like the old fashioned but stylish at the same time. 

Pastoral Street Look

If you want to make your look street style today, you must choose the pastoral style and contented cotton clothing. The colour should also be light, the makeup should be full of transparent and dewy texture, giving a dreamy pastoral look. There are many colours of cosmetic contact lenses. Whether it is natural or exaggerated, there is always a colour that suits you best. When choosing a cosmetic contact lens, you also have to look at your eye colour and the environment you are in. Don’t let the beautiful cosmetic contact lenses become an obstacle to your beauty!

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