Pop sockets popular among Influencers

Pop sockets

Enhancing handlers’ convenience, whether it be for YouTube video filming or just taking some selfies with friends, you can now hold your phone with ease and comfort with the pop sockets.

Smart-phones have become an indispensable companion for everyone. Many phone users now resort to the use of phone-holders or pop-sockets for the sake of convenience and comfort.

Influencers and many smart-phone trading companies are making use of pop-sockets for the difference it makes to their products in a fascinating, captivating and intriguing manner. It is important to note that the pop-socket serves as a phone grip and helps to keep your phone in a firm and comfortable position. This is especially helpful for all those who can’t imagine staying away from their phones and have the obsessive need to keep the phone with them at all times. The influencers who crave to get the perfect shot at any minute and those who don’t want to miss a rare moment, pop socket becomes their best friend and the convenient partner in crime.

You now have the advantage of texting with one hand, snapping exclusive photos, as well as performing other functions on your phone without hindering you from other tasks. Now it is time to look at some of the types of phone-holders often use by influencers in recent times.

Popular Types of Phone-holder Used by Influencers

In light of easing the process of operating phones, the following are the major types of phone-holders:

  • Aukey Phone-holder

The key phone-holder is a handy and affordable form of phone holders. It is often suitable and used as a car phone holder. The uniqueness of the key phone-holder is that it is multifaceted and can be attached to the dashboard or windscreen depending on your desire.

  • Olixar Nova Phone Holder

This is another unique form of phone-holders that is capable of holding phones of different sizes, shapes, and height. This type of holder can get placed horizontally or vertically. It should be noted that it can get used while your phone is in a cover. It is a very flexible device that enables you to attach it to the dashboard vents of your car. It is worth noting that you can also place it in a 360-degree ball joint mechanism which allows you to operate it the way you like during relaxation also.

two girls taking a selife

  • Arteck Car Mount

The perfect place or position for the Arteck car phone-holder is your dashboard or windshield. The Arteck car mount has a gel pad that makes it easy to attach it to the dashboard or elsewhere at

  • Ex-show Pop-sockets or Phone-holder

The ex-show pop-sockets or phone-holders can get used in the comfort of one’s bedroom or relaxation position. It is an exclusive and flexible phone-holder that can get secured anywhere depending on where you want to operate your phone. It can be a windshield, car, room wall, among others. The essence of it is the excellent comfort that it adds to the owner.

Place it on the wall so you can lay down and relax and stream some video or skype with friends.

  • Yosh Phone Holder

Now the Yosh phone holder has a unique magnetic design that makes it capable of holding any handset irrespective of the weight or size. The Yosh holder was designed in an exclusive manner that gives you a safe, secure and unique time to operate your smartphones.

These are the popular phone holders and pop sockets that are in trend right now and growing. No more struggling with your phone and dropping it risking smashing your screen. Get yourself one of these cool pop sockets and experience the ease and comfort it can bring you.


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